Laptop carts

We offer affordable secure and safe storage of laptops that enable multiple devices to be charged quickly during school breaks, lunchtimes and of course, at the end of the day.

Secures, charges and transports a wide range of devices
With the Compact Charging Cart, Dell offers a solution for safely storing, charging and transporting your devices. Integrated PowerShuttle® technology optimizes total charging time while preventing short circuits safely and preventively. By using the autodock upgrade kits, the laptop devices can be easily pushed into the charging cart without first manually connecting the power cables. This saves valuable time and your devices are always charged and ready for the next lesson.

Lockable metal doors secure your equipment
This Dell Computing Cart is accessible from two sides and is secured by metal doors with a lock (locks and keys are included). Compact design for small spaces
With its dimensions, this Computing Cart takes up little space so you can easily manoeuver when handing out the laptops.

The cart is mainly made of aluminum materials and features double 4-inch medical-grade rubber wheels and an ergonomic handle. It is not only light, but also easy to push.

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